WATCH: Terry McAuliffe Takes Tough Questions From CNN, Glenn Youngkin DECLINES - Terry McAuliffe

WATCH: Terry McAuliffe Takes Tough Questions From CNN, Glenn Youngkin DECLINES

Terry: “Covid has been tough, Dana, on so many families. I have a plan to get us out of this… [Glenn Youngin] has said the number one issue? Election Integrity.”

MCLEAN, VA –– Terry McAuliffe today sat down with Dana Bash in CNN’s State of the Union to take questions and speak about what he will do as Virginia’s next governor, while his opponent Glenn Youngkin declined. Terry laid out his vision to get Virginia out of COVID and, just this week, he released a new plan to address barriers facing women in the workforce. As Virginia’s next Governor, Terry will make it easier for Virginia women to enter the workforce, start new businesses, and remain in quality, good-paying jobs. Terry will keep schools safely open, make child care more affordable, ensure access to pre-k, invest in before and after school programs, and ensure every Virginian has access to paid sick, family and medical leave.


But Glenn Youngkin REFUSED to go on CNN’s State of the Union, where he undoubtedly would have had to answer for his dangerous embrace of Donald Trump’s election conspiracy theories. Youngkin has repeatedly made clear he would put Donald Trump’s dangerous election conspiracy theories first if he is elected — he launched his campaign with an “election integrity” task force, and he even called it the “most important issue.” Last week, Youngkin doubled down on his Trumpian agenda and called for an audit of Virginia’s voting machines.



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