Virginian-Pilot Letter to the Editor: State Del. Martha Mugler endorses Terry McAuliffe for governor

Virginian-Pilot: Letters for Dec. 20: State Del. Martha Mugler endorses Terry McAuliffe for governor

By Delegate Martha Mugler, 12/19/2020

From the moment I declared my candidacy for delegate, to the first bill I introduced as a freshmen legislator, my top priority has been to fully fund public education and give our teachers a well-deserved pay raise. This is one of the many reasons I’m supporting Terry McAuliffe for governor.

McAuliffe shares my passion for improving public education and knows how vital the link is between education, jobs and rising wages. Education will be the key to Virginia’s post-COVID-19 future and economic recovery; and is the most critical issue facing our next governor.

McAuliffe is proposing the biggest investment in education in Virginia’s history. 

McAuliffe’s proposal will dramatically raise teacher pay above the national average, expand preschool to every Virginia child in need, get every Virginia student online, and finally address inequities in our schools.

McAuliffe’s proposal doesn’t stop there. He will also create a pathway to support the next generation of highly qualified diverse educators. Under his plan, if a teacher commits to five years of teaching in a high-demand field in our public schools, the commonwealth of Virginia will cover the tuition at one of our public universities or historically Black colleges and universities, such as Hampton University.

Virginian teachers deserve a salary raise, working families deserve access to expanded pre-K, and every student deserves access to the internet. Now more than ever, we need a governor who has the experience to get it done, and that is why I hope you will join me in supporting Terry McAuliffe for governor.


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