Terry for Virginia Releases First Television Ad of General Election - Terry McAuliffe

Terry for Virginia Releases First Television Ad of General Election

Terry McAuliffe Outlines Bipartisan Record of Accomplishment, Reminds Voters That Glenn Youngkin is No Reasonable Republican
As Virginia’s 72nd Governor, Terry Worked Across the Aisle to Create Jobs, Invest in Infrastructure Projects, and Improve Virginia’s Education System

MCLEAN, VA – Terry for Virginia today launched its first television ad of the general election, “Because of You.” The ad, which begins running this week in the Washington, D.C., Richmond and Hampton Roads media markets, highlights Terry McAuliffe’s bipartisan record of accomplishment and reminds voters that his right-wing opponent, Glenn Youngkin, is no reasonable Republican.

During his administration, Terry rebuilt Virginia’s economy. Terry was elected following the turbulence of the Great Recession and worked with Democrats and Republicans to deliver real, bipartisan results for Virginia’s families. As Virginia’s 72nd governor, he created 200,000 good paying jobs, reduced unemployment in all cities and counties across the Commonwealth, and raised personal income 14%.

Terry also oversaw billions in investments in Virginia’s transportation infrastructure, drastically improved some of the most congested roadways in the Commonwealth, secured a record $1 billion investment in education, and expanded preschool to thousands of children in need. As Virginia’s next governor, Terry will build on his record and the progress the Commonwealth has made over the last eight years. As he has before, Terry will work across the aisle and deliver for the people of Virginia.

As Terry says in the ad, Glenn Youngkin is not a reasonable Republican. He has embraced the far right-wing elements of his party, including his top endorser President Donald Trump. Glenn Youngkin has repeatedly said he was “honored” to have the disgraced president’s endorsement and has even said Trump “represents” so much of why he is running for office. Virginians deserve a governor who is running for them, not a failed former politician. 


Terry McAuliffe: When I was Governor last time, I worked with reasonable Republicans to get things done. 

Terry McAuliffe: We created thousands of new jobs, put billions into our infrastructure projects and a billion dollars into education. 

Terry McAuliffeBut let me be clear, Glenn Youngkin is not a reasonable Republican. He is a loyalist to Donald Trump.

Glenn Youngkin: President Trump represents so much of why I’m running.

Terry McAuliffe: Well you know what folks, I’m running because of you. 

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