Protecting Women’s Rights and Ensuring Gender Equality - Terry McAuliffe


Protecting Women’s Rights and Ensuring Gender Equality

Terry Will Always Be a Brick-Wall Against Attacks on Reproductive Health

For too long, women in Virginia have faced glaring inequities in the workplace, in health care and at home. Virginia can’t truly thrive until we root out and eliminate these inequities.

As Virginia’s next Governor, Terry will continue fighting for progressive policies to advance women’s rights and gender equality, particularly in light of a partisan, Republican-majority United States Supreme Court. First and foremost, that means passing an amendment to the Constitution of Virginia that permanently enshrines and codifies the protections of Roe v Wade in Virginia law.    

Terry will also continue to address disparities in women’s health care coverage, ensuring access to quality prenatal care to improve outcomes and address maternal mortality, which disproportionately impacts Black and Brown mothers. 

And he will tackle the pervasive systemic inequities that have disproportionately affected women, including pay inequity, lack of access to paid leave and lack of access to affordable child care.

As Virginia’s 72nd Governor, Terry served as a “brick wall” in protecting women’s health care rights from extreme Republicans attacks. He successfully halted the closing of women’s health clinics, keeping all of Virginia’s women health clinics open. He defended women’s access to health care by successfully reversing the restrictive regulations designed to force their closure. 

Terry vetoed all anti-women legislation passed by the General Assembly – including multiple bills that would have defund Planned Parenthood in Virginia. He also created a Physical Evidence Recovery Kit (PERK) Work Group, which led to the testing of 2,902 previously untested PERKS and implementation of a comprehensive process for the consistent handling of PERKs collected from victims of sexual assault.

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