Virginia is for Vaccine Lovers - Terry McAuliffe


Virginia is for Vaccine Lovers

Keeping Virginians Safe, Schools Open, and Our Economy Strong Through COVID-19 Safety and Vaccines

The Plan

As Virginia’s next governor, Terry will launch the “Virginia is for Vaccine Lovers” campaign to keep Virginians safe from COVID-19, our schools open and the economy strong. The centerpiece of his plan is getting every eligible Virginian vaccinated, and as governor he will urge all school divisions to require vaccines for their personnel, and work to ensure health care workers and nursing home staff follow federal vaccine guidance. He will incentivize businesses to mandate vaccines for employees and improve worker and consumer confidence in COVID-19 safety measures, driving Virginians safely back into businesses. Terry will also leverage federal funds to expand access to affordable child care and out-of-school programs so parents can stay in the workforce and we can address learning loss for students.

Terry’s Record

As Virginia’s 72nd Governor, Terry demonstrated his ability to rebuild the New Virginia Economy despite inheriting a deficit and dealing with ongoing economic crises. Terry made economic development and job creation a priority, creating 200,000 good-paying jobs, announcing over 1,000 economic development deals, growing personal income by 14%, and lowering unemployment in every single city and county, including by nearly 50% in most rural counties. Terry also made major investments in public health, and by the end of his term Virginia was one of the top three states in the nation for preparedness for future health emergencies.

The Work Ahead

  • Immediately launch a “Virginia is for Vaccine Lovers” campaign, urge local school divisions to require vaccines for their personnel, and work to ensure health systems and nursing homes follow federal vaccine requirements.
  • Leverage federal funds to incentivize businesses to mandate vaccinations for employees and host mobile vaccine clinics.
  • Increase worker and consumer confidence in businesses by creating a voluntary COVID-safety compliance certification.
  • Ensure every Virginian has access to paid sick leave.
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