Creating Affordable Housing - Terry McAuliffe


Creating Affordable Housing

Having a safe, stable place to live is the most basic and fundamental right for any person or family. Virginia was facing a critical shortage of safe, affordable housing prior to this pandemic and COVID-19 has exacerbated this crisis, leaving more and more Virginians in fear of losing their housing – more than 260,000 Virginia households were facing the risk of eviction as of the fall. That is just plain unacceptable.

As Governor, Terry will implement bold and innovative strategies that will address the underlying causes of housing instability and homelessness, provide immediate support to individuals at-risk of eviction and dramatically expand the availability of affordable housing. This will require strong public-private partnerships and substantial investments in affordable housing.

Making sure Virginians had a roof over their head was a priority of Terry’s governorship. Under his leadership and thanks to focused investment, Virginia became the first state in America to functionally end veteran homelessness. And overall homelessness among families decreased by 27%.

Terry also provided millions of dollars in grant funding for nonprofits and local governments to enhance their organizational ability to meet community affordable housing needs, working with hundreds of organizations across Virginia to increase affordable housing access.

Read Terry’s plan to tackle the housing crisis.

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