Taking Action to Protect Virginians from Gun Violence - Terry McAuliffe


Taking Action to Protect Virginians from Gun Violence

Over 1,000 Virginians die each year because of senseless, preventable gun violence. This is an epidemic that has plagued the Commonwealth for years and it is time that we take bold, decisive action to save lives. 

Virginia took critical steps during the 2020 legislative session and passed a number of life-saving bills, but much work remains to be done. We have to continue fighting until we require background checks on every gun transfer or rental, assault weapons are no longer allowed on our streets, and people across the Commonwealth no longer live in fear about the daily gun violence in their communities.

As Governor, Terry will continue to fight for common sense solutions to preventing gun violence and will create and fund innovative solutions to address the daily gun violence in our communities.  

During his tenure as Virginia’s 72nd Governor, Terry passed the first meaningful action Virginia had taken on gun safety in over 20 years. This deal included a domestic violence law that was one of the toughest in the nation. It also included meaningful reforms to keep Virginians safe and keep guns out of the wrong hands by requiring the State Police to be present at every gun show in the Commonwealth to run voluntary background checks on private sales.

Read Terry’s plan to prevent gun violence.

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