Taking Action to Protect Virginians from Gun Violence - Terry McAuliffe


Taking Action to Protect Virginians from Gun Violence

It’s time to Ban the Sale of Assault Weapons, Close Loopholes, and Treat Gun Violence as a Public Health Epidemic

The Plan

As Virginia’s next Governor, Terry will send a clear message that gun violence has no place in the Commonwealth. He will ban the sale of assault weapons and get high-capacity magazines and ghost guns off of our streets. He will also close lethal loopholes that repeatedly allow firearms to get into the hands of dangerous individuals. By creating an Office of Gun Violence Prevention and creating a research Center of Excellence at a Virginia college or university, Terry will treat gun violence as the public health crisis it is and deploy evidence-based solutions to save lives.

Terry’s Record

As Virginia’s 72nd Governor, Terry signed an Executive Order banning guns in most state buildings, proposed a dozen common-sense gun safety bills, and vetoed 15 radical Republican bills that would have further weakened Virginia’s gun laws. As the first southern Governor to be elected after running with an “F” rating from the NRA, he passed the first meaningful gun safety laws in decades, including a domestic violence law that was one of the toughest in the nation, and a requirement that State Police be present at every gun show to run voluntary background checks on private sales.

The Work Ahead

  • Ban the sale of assault weapons, and get high-capacity magazines, and “ghost guns” off our streets.
  • Strengthen Virginia’s new background check law to include all firearm transfers.
  • Disarm hate by preventing people who have committed hate crimes from owning firearms.
  • Prohibit open carry of firearms in certain public spaces and give localities the flexibility to ban open carry more broadly when there are credible public safety threats.
  • Create an Office of Gun Violence Prevention to identify and coordinate solutions to gun violence across state agencies.
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