Ensuring an Equitable, World-Class Education for Every Child - Terry McAuliffe


Ensuring an Equitable, World-Class Education for Every Child

If we want to recover from this pandemic and realize an economy in which all Virginians prosper, we must make immediate, unprecedented investments in education. Virginia students and families need and deserve bold leadership that will tackle these challenges head on and move our Commonwealth forward. 

As the next Governor of Virginia, Terry will champion bold initiatives to reimagine our K12 education system by delivering the largest education investment in the history of Virginia. 

Terry’s plan will eliminate achievement gaps before they begin, get every Virginia student online, and finally give our educators and schools the resources they desperately need. The time is now to position the Commonwealth to achieve educational equity for every student in every community.

During his tenure as Governor, Terry overcame a Republican legislature to secure more than $1 billion in funding for public education, the largest investment in Virginia history. His administration made substantial investments in preschool education, expanding access to quality early childhood education for thousands of children across Virginia. Terry also championed the successful redesign of high school experiences for students, eliminating 5 SOLs, and making room for meaningful career exploration, work-based learning opportunities, and streamlined pathways into the new Virginia economy.

To read Terry’s FULL Education Plan, click here.

To read Terry’s STEM-H Plan, click here.

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