ICYMI: Delegate Delores McQuinn in Richmond Times-Dispatch: “McAuliffe Will Act on Racial Disparities” - Terry McAuliffe

ICYMI: Delegate Delores McQuinn in Richmond Times-Dispatch: “McAuliffe Will Act on Racial Disparities”

Richmond Times-Dispatch: Letter to the Editor: McAuliffe will act on racial disparities By, Del. Delores L. McQuinn. 05/12/2021

Now is a critical moment to address inequities and make real change for Black Virginians. We need a leader who not only recognizes that racial disparities exist in all aspects of society, but also is ready to act. I was honored to be in Richmond when Terry McAuliffe released his comprehensive Lifting Black Virginians plan, and I am thrilled with his determination to ensure communities of color have equitable access to opportunities.

During his administration, McAuliffe expanded preschool for thousands of children in need because he knows that we must address inequities before they start. In his new plan to lift Black Virginians, McAuliffe makes it clear he will continue this effort, ensuring that every 3- and 4-year-old in need has access. Poor educational and health outcomes for Black communities stem from discriminatory policies that have prevented Black people from building and accumulating generational wealth.

Lifting Black Virginians means righting historic wrongs and building an equitable economy. McAuliffe recognizes that, and it’s why his plan will accelerate the path to a $15 minimum wage by 2024, and close the racial pay gap by holding companies accountable. He also will support Black-owned businesses and banks by providing the resources, skills and technical support needed for success. And he finally is going to address the effects of redlining by doing everything in his power to promote Black homeownership. To build a more equitable future for the commonwealth, we need bold leadership. McAuliffe already has proven that he can get things done.

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