Democrats Run Targeted Climate Television and Digital Ads Across Commonwealth - Terry McAuliffe

Democrats Run Targeted Climate Television and Digital Ads Across Commonwealth

Terry McAuliffe’s Climate Plan Focuses on Creating Good Jobs, Strengthening Climate Resilience, Addressing Inequities & Moving to Clean Energy by 2035; Glenn Youngkin Continues to Deny Science Behind Climate Change

MCLEAN, VA – The Virginia League of Conservation Voters PAC, the Democratic Governors Association, and Terry for Virginia today announced joint efforts to reach Virginia voters with targeted television and digital ads regarding climate in the final week of the campaign. The digital ads, running on Facebook, Google, Hulu, Roku, MiQ and Youtube, will run from now through Election Day. Television ads will also run in Washington D.C., Richmond and Norfolk media markets.

Terry for Virginia and VALCV-PAC released a new ad, “For,” that highlights Terry’s plans to address climate change. As Virginia’s next governor, Terry McAuliffe will fight climate change and secure Virginia’s clean energy future by building a clean energy workforce, strengthening climate resilience, addressing disparities, and transitioning to 100% clean energy by 2035. Focusing on securing a safe future for all Virginians, Terry’s Plan to Fight Climate Change and Build Virginia’s Clean Energy Future seeks to make Virginia a national leader in the fight against climate change.

The DGA’ Action’s latest ad, “Sounds Like,” highlights Glenn Youngkin’s total embrace of Donald Trump’s divisive agenda including pushing conspiracy theories about climate. At a recent forum, Glenn Youngkin said “I don’t know what’s responsible for climate change,” in spite of well-documented scientific evidence that human activities are driving this crisis. 

“The choice in Virginia’s election is clear: Terry McAuliffe has a proven track record of leading on climate change, fighting to advance climate action and clean energy even as a hostile legislature worked to block action at every turn,” said Michael Town, Campaign Director of VALCV-PAC. “Glenn Youngkin on the other hand has denied basic facts about climate science and opposes Virginia’s Clean Economy Act. Virginians will reject Youngkin’s anti-science agenda come November 2nd.”

“Since the beginning of his campaign, Glenn Youngkin has embraced Donald Trump’s divisive conspiracy theories and anti-science agenda,” saidMarshall Cohen, Political Director of the Democratic Governors Association. “From election integrity to denying the root causes of climate change, Glenn Youngkin has shown that he is unqualified to serve as Virginia’s next governor and will be rejected at the polls.”

“Climate change threatens Virginia’s resources, our economy, our health, and our security. We have made great progress in Virginia but must continue to act, and that’s exactly what I’ll do as governor,” said Terry McAuliffe. “I have a plan that will create good-paying clean energy jobs, revitalize our infrastructure, and transition Virginia to a clean energy future by 2035. Together, we can combat climate change and secure a better future for our communities, and our children and grandchildren.”

As Virginia’s 72nd Governor, Terry made progress on expanding clean energy and protecting clean air despite an extreme legislature that refused to acknowledge the very real threat of climate change. When Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement, Terry made sure Virginia joined the U.S. Climate Alliance and committed to upholding the agreement in the Commonwealth.

By stunning contrast, Glenn Youngkin expressed frustration when President Biden reentered the agreement. He has refused to acknowledge the human impact on climate change, and he opposes Virginia’s Clean Economy Act, the strongest climate bill in Virginia history so far.


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