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Terry answers more questions from @AARPVa’s #WW2K campaign

October 16, 2013 / Blog

Today, Terry answered another round of questions AARP Virginia’s “We Want to Know” campaign, including several submitted by Hokies at an event on the Virginia Tech campus. Check back for more answers next week!

.@AARPVaSD asks candidates what is top thing the candidates think necessary for #VA to have strong education system. #WW2K

Our strong education system relies on talented and dedicated educators. We have to give them the resources and support they need to engage meaningfully with students and parents. That’s why my education plan would restore and fully fund our schools’ Standards of Quality. Combined with a wholesale reform of the SOL tests, these reforms will strengthen our system of education and provide our students with opportunities to succeed in the 21st century economy.

How will you fund STEM programs at #VA universities? #HokiesW2K

Increasing the scope and quality of Virginia’s STEM programs in higher education is vitally important to maintaining our competitiveness in the global, 21st century economy. As governor, I will push college administrations to embrace modern management practices and forge new partnerships with the private sector to free up more funding for academic programs like STEM.

What’s your stance on the environment & offshore drilling? #HokiesW2K

Stewardship of Virginia’s environment and natural resources is a core responsibility of all Virginians. Our long term economic health and prospects rely on clean air, clean water, and a healthy ecosystem that sustains agriculture, aquaculture, tourism, and many other industries. My plan for the environment includes conserving 400,000 acres of open space, continuing the moratorium on uranium mining, responsible offshore exploration, and ensuring that counties and cities have the right to regulate fracking within their borders. Continuing the efforts of past administrations to clean up the Chesapeake Bay is among my top priorities.

Candidates for #VAGov #WW2K Will you expand Medicaid?

Yes. Expanding Medicaid coverage would be a lifesaver for thousands of Virginians, a cost saver for the state, and a job creator for our healthcare industry. The expansion would bring $21 billion in taxpayer dollars back to our Commonwealth, create 30,000 jobs, and expand healthcare coverage to 400,000 currently uninsured Virginians. This policy is the right thing to do morally and economically.

Candidates, #WW2K What will you do to protect my right to vote?

Our citizens are disenfranchised when they cannot cast their ballots without fear of intimidation or expensive hurdles. As governor, I will fight for the right of every citizen to be heard and will oppose efforts to make it harder for Virginians to vote. Laws that disenfranchise thousands of Virginians who don’t have photo ID hurt our Commonwealth. No one wants voter fraud to occur, but the kind of fraud these laws guard against is extremely rare and far less risky than denying the vote to thousands of Virginians. As governor, I will oppose these types of laws, and I will build off the progress Governor McDonnell has made to automatically restore voting rights to non-violent felons who have paid their debts to society.