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On issues important to Virginia women, there is a clear difference:

Terry McAuliffe: Putting Virginia First

Ken Cuccinelli: Focused On His Own Agenda

Creating New Jobs

Terry is focused on improving and diversifying Virginia’s economy to expand opportunity and create jobs. He believes education is the single most important factor.

Ken Cuccinelli has devoted most of his career to a divisive social agenda. His focus on restricting women’s health care access caused the Washington Post to call him “the most overtly partisan Attorney General in Virginia’s history.” [Washington Post Editorial, 7/27/12]

Improving Education

Terry has proposed a plan to improve K-12 education by reforming the Standards of Learning testing to better reflect progress and strengthen our community colleges.

Ken Cuccinelli has proposed a tax plan that officials from both parties agree could result in huge cuts to K-12 education. [AP, 5/7/13] His attack on science and LGBT employees could have a chilling effect on Virginia’s renowned public university system.

Ensuring Access to Affordable Birth Control

Terry believes that women in Virginia should have access to birth control through insurance. Terry trusts women to make their own decisions.

Cuccinelli wrote legislation that could make common forms of birth control like the pill illegal. He’s opposed expanding access to birth control and even advocated civil disobedience to stop expanded birth control access. [HB 2797, 2007; AP, 1/11/13]

Keeping Government Out of Reproductive Health Care Decisions

Terry wants to keep politicians away from medical decisions that should be between a woman and her doctor.

Cuccinelli’s desire to outlaw abortion even in cases of rape, incest, and when the woman’s health is threatened has been the driving focus of his political career. [Roanoke Times, 2/18/09; Washington Times, 2/15/12]

Protecting Women’s Access to Health Care

Terry believes that health professionals — not politicians — should guide health regulations.

Cuccinelli bullied the Board of Health to pass medically unnecessary regulations intended to close women’s health clinics, which provide numerous services. He said of the regulations, “the ultimate goal of which is to make abortion disappear in America.” [Manassas News & Messenger, 10/21/12; Pro-Life News Interview, 5/7/12]

Cuccinelli Won’t Support the Violence Against Women Act
In April 2012, Cuccinelli was one of only three attorneys general in the country to refuse to sign on to a bipartisan letter urging Congress to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act. The Washington Times reported, “Kenneth T. Cuccinelli II was one of just three state attorneys general who did not sign onto a letter urging Congress to reauthorize the federal Violence against Women Act – a decision that is now placing Virginia’s top prosecutor squarely in the middle of another politically charged debate.” [Washington Times, 4/1/12; National Association of Attorneys General Letter to Congress, 1/11/12]