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Join Hillary Clinton and me for a Women for Terry Endorsement Event

October 14, 2013 / Dorothy McAuliffe

This has been a special year for me. Many of the people Terry and I respect the most are joining us on the campaign trail to endorse Terry’s vision for the Commonwealth. And now I’m honored to announce one more visitor:

Our good friend Hillary Clinton will join us at a Women for Terry Endorsement Event on Saturday at 2 p.m. in Falls Church to help raise awareness of how important it is for Virginia women to get out and vote for Terry in this election.

I expect many of you will be as excited about her visit as Terry and I are, so I wanted to share information on how you can get a ticket for this special event:

What: Woman for Terry Endorsement Event ticket pick-up
Where: Team Terry Field Office, 6354-A Springfield Plaza, Springfield, VA 22150
When: Tuesday, October 15 at 10:00 a.m.
Note: Each person may pick up two tickets. Tickets are required for admission, but do not guarantee entrance. If you are picking up a ticket for someone else, you must have their name and contact information.

You and I know that electing Terry as our next governor is important for many, many reasons, but his strong stance on the issues most important to Virginia women is chief among them.

I hope you’ll join us on Saturday to hear more about what you can do to help in these final weeks — and to welcome Hillary to the Commonwealth.

And I hope you’ll help us continue to fire up Virginia women after Saturday’s event is over by signing up to join Women for Terry — men are welcome, too!