Elected Officials
Sen. Mark Warner
US Senator
There's one candidate who understands that if Virginia's going to maintain its national and international recognition, we've got to have the best education system.
Sen. Tim Kaine
US Senator
We want somebody who wakes up thinking about jobs, thinking about the economy, thinking about finding a great deal, thinking about training the workforce.
Rep. Bobby Scott
U.S. Congressman
I know that as governor Terry will build on this progress and continue to strengthen our infrastructure and our economy.
Douglas Wilder
Former Governor of Virginia
He can improve upon and make the necessary adjustments to move Virginia forward
Rep. Gerry Connolly
U.S. Congressman
I support Terry McAuliffe in this race because he will make job creation and economic growth his top priority in the Commonwealth.
Katherine Waddell
Independent former Delegate
Virginians want a Governor who believes that women are capable of making their own reproductive healthcare decisions without government interference.
Will Sessoms
Mayor of Virginia Beach
Terry McAuliffe's focus on diversifying and growing Virginia's economy will help foster economic growth in Virginia Beach, and help Hampton Roads to become a greater center of commerce in the Commonwealth.
Charniele Herring
Chair of the Democratic Party of Virginia & Member of the Virginia House of Delegates (Alexandria)
Terry McAuliffe will be the kind of effective, mainstream governor that will make Virginia a better place to work and live. Terry is the candidate that can put partisan ideology aside to find common sense solutions to issues Virginians care about.
Donald McEachin
Democratic Caucus Chair of the Virginia Senate
Democrats, Republicans and Independents want leaders in Richmond who will focus on growing our economy with mainstream, common sense proposals.
Richard Saslaw
Democratic Leader of the Virginia Senate
I am supporting Terry McAuliffe because he knows the value of a skilled and trained work force that can compete in this global economy.
David Toscano
Democratic Leader of the Virginia House of Delegates
As governor, Terry McAuliffe will put issues Virginians care about first, like investing in our transportation systems so we can have a strong foundation for economic growth.
Mark Sickles
Democratic Caucus Chair of the Virginia House of Delegates
I support Terry McAuliffe for governor because he puts bi-partisanship and the interests of Virginians over ideology. Virginia needs our leaders to bring us together, not divide us with partisan rhetoric.
Walter Tejada
Chairman of the Arlington County Board
With his inclusive mainstream proposals to grow and expand our economy, Terry McAuliffe sets himself apart as the only candidate who truly puts Virginia first.
Jennifer McLellan
Member of the Virginia House of Delegates (Henrico)
I support Terry McAuliffe for governor because he understands that if Virginia is going to remain economically competitive, we’ve got to have the best schools, the best roads, and the best-trained workforce.
Alfonso Lopez
Member of the Virginia House of Delegates (Arlington)
Terry McAuliffe is focusing on what matters to Virginians: creating jobs, growing the economy, and finding bi-partisan solutions to the challenges the commonwealth faces.
Mark Keam
Member of the Virginia House of Delegates (Fairfax)
I support Terry because he knows that we can’t grow our economy if we put up socially-divisive barriers around Virginia
Mamie Locke
Member of the Virginia Senate (Hampton) & Chair of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus
Terry will work with Republicans and Democrats alike to make the necessary investments Virginia needs to provide more economic opportunities for citizens of the Commonwealth.
Paul Fraim
Mayor of Norfolk
Terry will put partisanship aside to improve quality of life for Virginians and keep our economy competitive in the 21st Century.
Linwood Holton
Former Republican Governor of Virginia
Virginia needs a Governor who will work across the aisle to find mainstream solutions to growing our economy.
Sharon Bulova
Chairman of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors
I am supporting Terry McAuliffe for governor because he knows that in order to grow our economy, we need to continue the transportation progress we have made so far in Northern Virginia.
Dr. Amelia Ross-Hammond
Councilwoman - City of Virginia Beach
"Terry believes in creating new jobs, enhancing Virginia's education system, and supporting Women's Rights. He has a passion to get things done, and that is why I am endorsing Terry McAullife as the next Governor for the Commonwealth of Virginia".
Shannon Taylor
Commonwealth's Attorney (Henrico)
I’ll be supporting Terry McAuliffe this year because he will work to find bipartisan solutions to bring jobs to Virginia and grow our economy.
Jack Kennedy
Wise County & City of Norton Clerk of Court
Terry McAuliffe is committed to strengthening STEM education and workforce development, because he knows that it is key to bringing jobs to Virginia and growing our economy.